Performance Protection Plan

Our warranty program is unique to the industry.  Other manufacturers include their warranty in the cost of their bat, but we want to give you a choice whether you purchase it or not.  No need to charge you for something that you don't want to spend money on.  Our hope is that we can give you flexibility when deciding on your purchase, just like when you design your bats.

If you have purchased our Performance Protection Plan, your bat will be covered by a 30 Day Limited Warranty.  Each bat that goes out undergoes a rigorous process that includes choosing only the best wood, and meticulously inspecting it throughout the manufacturing process. All wood bats are hand crafted to your exact specifications. Even with our high standards, there are times that your bat may break for a variety of reasons.  Whether it’s getting jammed or being out in front of a pitch, this  can offer you an extra layer of protection for those times when “that’s just baseball”. If this happens within 30 days of purchase and you have purchased the Performance Protection Plan, we will be happy to provide a replacement bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse.  All return shipping charges will be covered by customer. 

Things to Know about our Performance Protection Plan (PPP):

1) We use rigorous standards throughout the whole manufacturing and finishing process.  We believe strongly in the quality we send out. 

2) This is a one time replacement program (the replacement does not come with the PPP)  Any shipping charges on a replacement going back to the customer will be covered by us. You must send the WHOLE bat back in the package or bring the WHOLE bat back in to the authorized retailer.  

3) If the authorized retailer does not offer the PPP you are able to purchase the plan directly through us.  You must purchase the plan the SAME DAY you purchase the bat.  You can do this by Clicking Here.  Please ensure that you upload your receipt in order to properly process.  

3) If it is necessary to use your PPP, you must request a Return Authorization Number. Your bat must be postmarked within three days of receiving yoururn Authorization Number.  Bats that are not shipped within this time frame are not eligible for the warranty.  That is, the warranty is considered void.  Shipments will not be processed without a Return Authorization Number.  

3) Custom Cut Series replacements will be sent out identically to what is being replaced.  Premium Stock Series will be replaced with the identical model/size/weight.  We will do our best to match color, but we can not guarantee what is in stock.

4) If you purchased your bat and PPP through a retailer please take the bat back to the same retailer with your proof of purchase (receipt).  They will deal directly with your replacement.

6) Your warranty starts on the date of delivery (for those orders that are shipped) or date of purchase for those who purchase at a retailer.  

7) We reserve the right to alter, stop or change this program.  If we do change the program, your warranty will still be in effect the same as when you purchased the plan.

Our Z-Comp Series bats come with a one time 90 day warranty from the date of purchase/delivery.  Please request a Return Authorization Number if you need a composite bat replaced.

Returns - please contact us if you received the wrong item or there was an error in your order.  We will promptly look into your situation and rectify it it.  If an order was placed in error, the shipping charges both ways will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  If you have another issue with your order, please contact us immediately after receiving your order.

Custom Bats - Our Custom Bats are made to your specifications when you design the bat. Custom Bat orders are not able to be cancelled after they go into production. Please check your email for the Order Confirmation.  If you notice any errors or need further clarification please reply to that same email with any changes.

Cosmetic Blemishes - bats with micro cosmetic blemishes that happen during the normal occurrence of manufacturing will not be replaced or refunded.  If you believe your bat(s) were damaged during shipping please contact us immediately after receiving them.