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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that have been frequently asked over the last number of years. If you do not see an answer to your question(s) please e-mail us at info@prairiesticks.com

Do you have quantity discounts for teams or a group of players?

You bet.  Please contact us and we can discuss volume discounts. We can also set up a custom coupon code so that the members of your team or league receive the same discount when ordering separately.  We also offer quantity discounts for smaller orders that are calculated at checkout.

How long will it take for me to get my bat?

Current lead times are listed during the Bat Building process.  There is a Standard Production time as well as a Rush option for an extra fee.on the top of every page.   Bulk orders will take longer and will be discussed at the time of order.

Can I get a custom modification on my order or change it after I place the order?

Of course.  We always insist that request like this be made in the "Special Instructions" box in the checkout area or by responding to your Order Confirmation email.  Having a paper trail helps us to keep things organized and takes away any confusion about a modification.  Unfortuanely we have found that taking these requests over the phone usually leads to confusion.  It is our policy that we only take changes via email.  Once you email us with a change request, we will always confirm via email to ensure everyone is on the same page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer or Cashier's Check. We can process credit cards and money orders and cashier's checks immediately. Checks drawn on Canadian banks will need 3-5 business days to clear. Checks drawn on US banks will need 10-15 business days to clear. If you require any further information on check clearing, please ask prior to ordering and paying this way.

Do you offer a warranty on your wood bats?

Please refer to our Bat Warranty page.   Caved in or collapsed cups do not qualify as a broken bat. 

How close is the Bat Customizer to the Actual Bats that I'll receive?

We have spent a substantial amount of time fine tuning our bat customizer to match as best as possible all of our stain colors and other finishes.  Each piece of wood is different and each species is different in how it takes on stain or is flame treated.  Everything is done by hand and this means there could be discrepancies from the the actual physical bat with what can be replicated on a desktop or phone.  Differences in screen contrast and brightness can also play a part in different looks from the customizer to an actual bat.  These discrepancies are part of the bat making process and working with a natural product. Each bat is unique unto itself. If you select Unfinished for your color selection (handle or barrel) no top coat will be applied. If you want a top coat (gloss/matte) please select Natural and we will apply the finish you selected.

Do you offer a warranty on your Maple Composite Bats?

Yes, we do.  These come with a 90 Day Warranty from the date of purchase.  You will need your receipt to initiate the replacement process.  Caved in or collapsed cups do not qualify as a broken bat and will not be considered to be replaced under our warranty program.

How is my Credit Card charged?

We are a Canadian company, therefore at this time we charge in Canadian Dollars. You have the ability to convert your order total into US Dollars to give you an very close approximation to what you will actually pay. We will charge your order for the exact amount if you chose to keep the currency in Canadian Dollars.

Can quantity discount codes be used on sale items (eg. Bat Bundles)?

You bet!

How many coupon codes can I use per purchase?

You are only able to use one per order, and as with all of our sales or group pricing, you are unable to combine offers. eg, If you have a 10% off discount coupon, you can't also use a "free shipping" coupon. Only one discount at a time can apply to a single order. Coupon codes or free shipping promos that require a certain spend amount do not include any GST/HST and go off the subtotal amount.

Can I get my name or signature on my bat(s)?

Personalization is available. You can either choose to have it personalized with block letters or your signature. In order for us to engrave your signature on the bat(s) we will need a scanned image (using a black marker) of your signature. Please arrange this with us after placing your order. If you choose not to select either to have your name or signature engraved on the bats, all bats will be engraved with model #, type of wood and length of the bat. This is part of our company policies.

Can I get my team logo on a bat?

Yes, this can be done. We will either need a logo emailed to us for engraving. An .eps file is the best format to work with.  If you team/association or company does not have one we will need to have it converted. Customer will be responsible for all applicable charges.  Any trademarked logos can not be engraved on any bats without permission.  We also reserve the right to revoke any offensive, profane, derogatory engraving submissions.


Why do you cup bats?

There are two reasons why we would cup a bat. The first reason is to get the bat to a proper length to weight ratio. Second, cupping a bat makes the bat feel more balanced. We cup to weight. If you request a 33/31 we will weight the bat and see if it needs to be cupped or not. If you request your bats to be cupped there is a $2.00 charge per bat. This option is not available in the checkout process, but your order total will reflect the request.

How do I know how heavy my bat is?

You can choose the weight during your ordering process. We will ensure that your bat is +/-1oz  The reason for the 1oz variance is due to using different scales used during the manufacturing process and if a customer weighs it using another scale once receiving it. 1oz is generally an acceptable weight variance and industry standard used throughout professional baseball for individual orders; hence the reason why we use it as well. If you live in an area that is typically humid  you bat may increase in weight by 0.1oz-0 .5oz within just a day or two or even during transport. Minor weight fluctuations of a tenth or two of an ounce is completely  normal when working with a natural product  

What kind of wood do you use?

We use Maple, Birch and Ash. All of our stock is considered Pro Stock. Our suppliers also suppliers are trusted throughout the bat industry and all of them supply MLB manufacturers.

Does Prairie Sticks sponsor teams, schools or tournaments?

Yes we do. We started this company on the basis of giving back to baseball and to see the game played with wood bats again. Please call or e-mail, as there are many different options that may we have to suit your situation. We do receive many requests over the course of the year, we are not able to help everyone out.

If I don't see a model that you stock can you custom make it for me?

Yes we can. Please contact us.

Do you send out free demos?

Sorry, we don't.

What colors do your logos come in?

Take a look on the Custom Bat Builder.  We have over 20 different ones!

If there is a color that you don't normally stock can I still request that color?

We can, there is a minimum volume required however.  Please inquire.

Do you manufacture your own bats?

Yes we do. We sort the wood for weight, straight grains to ensure the bat(s) you receive are of the best quality. Other companies out source their manufacturing, but this does not give them the attention to detail and quality control as they are relying on someone else to produce their product.

What is a souvenir/novelty bat?

A novelty bat is a bat made from an inferior billet or a billet that is too heavy to make a game bat out of. We make novelty bats and sell them to individuals, companies, schools, etc. who present them as awards or gifts. Please e-mail us as to what you are looking for and we can meet your request that way. Novelty bats are less expensive than our custom bats. We will do our best to meet your length requirements.