Warranty, Refunds & Returns

Each bat is crafted to the highest standards and we take great pride in making a fantastic product.  Each bat is rigurously inspected to ensure there are no defects or blemishes.  Because of the nature of the game of baseball (a baseball thrown at high speeds using a natural product) and the many variables that happen during an at-bat or practice, our wood bats do not come with a warranty.

If you break a bat and believe the piece of wood was defective, please refer to the bullet points below to see if the bat was mishit and/or misused.  

 Examples of mishits and misuse include but are not limited to:

  • Making contact outside of the sweet spot (end of the bat or towards the logo area)
  • Not making contact with the logo facing up or down
  • Hitting anything other than baseballs
  • Hitting dimple balls
  • Slamming the bat down

If none of these apply and your bat broke in the first 30 days, you may send the bat back for us to review.   Alternatively, you may also send us pictures of the break and ball marks located on the bat, usually it is quite easy to tell the cause of break or reference the above bullet points with several pictures. We will respond to your request shortly after receiving it. If a defect is discovered, we will replace your bat at no charge and refund the shipping (if the bat is sent back to us). If the bat is not deemed defective, you will receive a detailed email with a full report.

Our Z-Comp Series bats come with a one time 90 day warranty from the date of purchase.  Please contact us if you need a composite bat replaced.

Cosmetic Blemishes - bats with micro costmetic blemishes that happen during the normal occuarance of manufacturing will not be replaced or refunded.  If you believe your bat(s) were damaged during shipping please contact us.

Returns - please contact us if you received the wrong item or there was an error in your order.  We will promptly look into your situation and rectify it it.  If an order was placed in error, the shipping charges both way will be the responsibility of the purchaser.