Put Your Photo On A Dugout Mug® | Baseball Bat Mug

  • Pour 12oz directly into a baseball bat barrel
  • Risk Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Processed within 5-8 business days
  • Dugout Mugs orders can only ship within Canada

Want the best turn out as possible? Follow these guidelines:

  1. Upload photos with good lighting
  2. Try not to use photo(s) with a lot of shadow(s)
  3. Higher quality photos are preferred, but not necessary (please do not use a photo of a photo).

We handcraft a birch-wood baseball bat barrel into a 12oz fully functional drinking mug. This mug is perfect for: watching the big game at home, to put on display, or to be the life of the party!

We are now offering the option (for a limited time) to laser etch a photo of your choosing on the Dugout Mug.

Our company was founded in a college baseball dugout - we love the game, and the people that make up the game. So, buy with confidence - we've got your back!



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+Lifetime Warranty

We understand a love affair with baseball lasts a lifetime, so we craft our products to last a lifetime. Dugout Mugs® products carry a lifetime guarantee, so you can feel confident that you are gifting smiles for life! Do us a favor and try not run over it with a truck, burn it in campfire, put it in the dish washer, or blow it up, but even if you do, we are happy to replace it!

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