Custom Model Build

Custom Model Build

Ever liked a handle from one model and a barrel from another?  Want to add a knob from one model to your favorite instead of building the knob up with tape?  We are treating you like an Big Leaguer by offering the same custom model design as they would get.  With our computerized lathes and advanced bat making technology we are the first bat company to offer this revolutionary service to amateur players.

We ask that you build your bat as normal on this page and add it to the cart.  Please use the additional notes section to further explain what you are looking for.  We will then compile the information and contact you with any further questions if we have any.  

Going forward you will be able to order your Custom Model at the regular price for a single bat or even a bundle.

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Note: if you selected the same color for your bat barrel & handle, we do not add a stripe.

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